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MAKK customers have access to a wide range of flexible equipment lease types suitable for any business.

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Reduce ExpensesTake on Additional BusinessImprove Your FinancesGet Immediate Cash

Equipment Leasing: The Tools You Need Without the Heavy Investment

MAKK Finance is an independent general commercial equipment leasing company incorporated in the State of Kansas. For over 10 years, MAKK has provided leasing services and expertise in the equipment lease market place. Our equipment leases are flexible in nature and not constricted to any particular business type. Click on any of the icons for more information.

Factoring: Instant Cash Back to Your Business

As a MAKK client, factoring your receiveables for immediate cash is an easy process. MAKK provides complete lease factoring services that allow you to turn stagnant invoices into working capital. Factoring allows you to take on additional business, reduce expenses and overall improve your financial condition in a few simple steps.

For over 10 years, MAKK has been providing leasing and factoring solutions for many business types. Contact MAKK and get started today.